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The Mad and the Madcap - page 4

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Bad Bat:We're gonna crash! We're gonna crash!
Batty:Big surprise.
Dr. Spid:What?! You crashed it already? How on Meha...
Bad Bat:Well Batty had a lever but that got me all confused...
Batty:And Bad Bat had another which he thought he had to use!
Bad Bat:I pulled the one, then the other, but it locked them both up!
Batty:He pulled the one, then the other, but it locket them both up!
Bats:He pulled the one, then the other... hey, this is catchy!
Dr. Spid:No, it's not! You crashed the gyro that I just completed!
Dr. Spid:Because of you dolts, I'll have to rebuild the entire thing!
Bad Bat:Killjoy.
Dr. Spid:Oh, and... If you call me in the morning, I'll tell you to get lost!

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