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The Mad and the Madcap - page 2

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Prof. Manatide:I call it an autogyro. It's not perfect yet, but it should still be able to fly you to your destination in no time.
Lanschi:Not perfect, you say? Is it safe?
Parsley:Oh, don't worry, the Professor and I were able to reduce the chance of a fatal accident to precisely 45%!
Lanschi:Oh, whew.I feel much safer now.
Prof. ManatideWell, Mister Ani, if you and Miss Thyme wish to take it for a test flight to see for yourselves...
Parsley:Come on, Lanschi! This is modern science at work! You don'T want to miss out on it, do you?
Lanschi:Well, it's worth a try...
Lanschi:Pilot Lanschi reporting for duty! Just give me a rundown of the controls and we'll be up in the air!
Parsley:You can read while we fly.
Lanschi:Does it come as a pocket edition?

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