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Borderline Chaos - page 3

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Hayfa:I can feel its iron grip loosening!
Panschi:PULL! PULL!
Parsley:Gnnrgh! I'm trying!
Panschi:That is so not happening.
Hayfa:Sorry, sorry, sorry! Oh golly, I wash-wah-wish I could have stayed home!
Parsley:Don't worry, Hayfa! I'm sure Lanschi will find a solution... it's all as good as solved!
Is that so?
Kakralomino:Sorry, but I don't know what you are talking about! I am only making use of my right to defend my country. After all, Lanschilandians could invade at any time and threaten my people!
Lanschi:Lanschilandians? YOU'RE the aggressor here, Kakra! We aren't doing anything to you, even though you deserve it!
Kakralomino:Oh, and what guarantees this? I am sure you can show me the signed treaty, right?
Lanschi:Um, well, I... Hey, you're a villain! You don't care about such things!
Kakralomino:A 100% approval rating (from local wizards in ruling positions) says otherwise, wiseguy! Now, are you going to leave peacefully or will I have to apply force?
Lanschi:Oh quackers. That didn't work too well, did it?

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