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Borderline Chaos - page 4

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The news aren't well received...
Hayfa:bah-bah-but... If I can't return there, that means I am homeless! And my food will spoil! WAAAH!!
Parsley:Don't cry, Hayfa! We will think of something. You said Kakralomino wants a treaty, Lanschi?
Parsley:Then he will get one! I have [a] book about historical treaties which details them precisely; I am going to write one up, and then all we need to do is have it approved by the King and present it to Kakralomino for his signature!
Hayfa:That sounds like it will take a long time! Wah-wah-where will I stay until then?
Lanschi:Well, why don't you stay with
Parsley:That, um, I mean... that is a bit of a surprise, but... uh, well, I will see what I can d-
Hayfa:WOOHOO! You're the best, Rose! Let's do this right away, okay?
Lanschi:Why'd you do that, Panschi?
Panschi:Well, bro, you see...
Hayfa:Oh, I know, we should cah-cah-celebrate this occasion! We're going to have cake, blueberry muffins, glazed doughnuts, extra cheese pizza, banana-walnut chocolate chip cookies, garlic butter roasted mushrooms...
Panschi:I'm not easily cowed.
Hayfa:...apple and cheddar omeletes, peanut butter and ice-cream sandwiches, deep fried shrimp in honey sauce, more cake, a gallon or ten of freshly made yogurt... are you still listening?

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