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Borderline Chaos - page 2

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Hayfa:On sah-sah-second thought, I need to go grocery shopping anyway!
Hayfa:GWAAH! I better tell Lanschi!
Dr. Spid:...blast, I'm out of practice.
Later, at the Ani Mansion...
Hayfa:I even had to leave my chocolate stash behind!
Lanschi:It's serious!
Lanschi:I bet Kakra's up to no good, but have no fear! I shall check this out and return to ye after some valiant deeds!
Panschi:Mind the step on your way out!
Panschi:Why do I bother?
Hayfa:Um, pals? I think I am stuck in this chair...
Panschi:This day is starting well. Yessiree, it is...

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