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Borderline Chaos - page 1

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It's a beuatiful [day] in Lanschilandia. It's also a lazy day. Not even the birds want to get up today, and neither does the owner of this cosy little cottage.
But wait, what is that? Not far from this humble home, peons from a place of illustrious ill-will are already commencing their day's work...
Sandman:I've been workin' on the giant cannon thingy, all the livelong day...
Sandman:I've been working on the- OOMPH!
Sandman:Beg your pardon, Miss, I-
Hayfa:You can bah-bah-beg my pardon later! What is all this racket? Just what are you doing in my yard?
Sandman:I'm sorry, but this is the Alluvian state border and we're in a state of state-approved testing. I must ask you to leave until-
Dr. Spid:Hey, what's going on there?!
Hayfa:Spid! So you're behind all this! Trying to bah-bah-banish me from my own backyard!
Dr. Spid:This is not your yard, lady, and the wizard won't be happy to know you're assaulting his workers. I must ask you to leave... for your own safety.
Hayfa:Pah! Safety! I don't bow to the wah-wah-will of your old wizard! I'll stay right here and nothing you can do with make me moove from this spot!

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