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A Spoony Experience - page 7

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Batty:Here it comes - catch it!
Batty:Okay, that was arguably more entertaining.
Bad Bat:Ow... Why do we need to recover this thing anyway? Is there a spoon shortage in Alluvia?
Batty:No, you wally!
Batty:It's collected data that ol' pointy-hat needs for his new magicky gubbins. So I'm going to deliver it to him and-
Bad Bat:Hey, wait! I'm supposed to bring it to him!
Batty:Oh, really? He told me you're only here in case we need a distraction!
Bad Bat:Oh yeah? Well, he told me you're only here because I'm too stupid to handle this alone!
Bad Bat:Besides, you know as well as I that my job is to follow orders without thinking!
Batty:That means thinking about the orders, not thinking in general!
Bad Bat:You can't prove that! I have to bring it back!
Batty:No, I will!
Bad Bat:You can't!
Batty:Yes, I can!
Bad Bat:Gimme the spoon!
Batty:Well, if you want it so much...
Bad Bat:...Did you just throw the spoon into the bushes?
Bad Bat:Ah. Must've been me, then.

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