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A Spoony Experience - page 8

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The next morning...
Lanschi:Looks like it didn't come back!
Panschi:Why'd you wannit to? It's evil.
Lanschi:Quite possibly, but it was a freebie! I wonder what went wrong. It had everything an eating implement could want, didn't it? Maybe this is all the work of my nefarious archnemesis...
Lanschi:Doctor von Schmookenheim! No, wait, Kakralomino! I don't even know a Doctor von Schmookenheim!
Panschi:How you gonna find out?
Lanschi:Only one way: I'm going to visit Kakralomino... and ask him.
Panschi:So, what, you just gonna walk into enemy territory and ask your arch nemesis about his newest plans? That's stupid. Nobody in their right mind would-
Lanschi:This was only a tiny bit less heroic than I had thought it would be.

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