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A Spoony Experience - page 6

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And so, night fell and our heroes got some much needed rest...
...but they were not alone.
Beez, beez beez!* (*Thank you, I'll be here all night.)
Panschi:End of the world... Whatever... *snore*
Pompashplork:BEEEEZ!* (*Nobody expects the spoonish inquisition!)
Pompashplork:Beez beez. Beez...* (*Target located... target is a sitting duck. Well, not quite sitting.)
Panschi:Huh, what? Bees?
Pompashplork:Beez, beez.* (*Just a dream, go back to sleep.)
Panschi:Well, waddya know! Knew that spoon was up t' no good!
Pompashplork:Beeez.* (*You dont say.)
Panschi:C'mere you vile piece o' silverware!
Pompashplork:Beeez!* (*You pounce like a dairy farmer!)
Lanschi:What happened? It sounded like a pompshplork jumping out of the window after it attacked us in our sleep.
Panschi:Would say you'll never believe this. If I were talking to anybody else.

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