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A Spoony Experience - page 5

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Lanschi:So the spoon it is. How much do I owe you?
Sandman:Uh, ten coins. And strictly speaking, it's a combobular pompashplork.
Sandman:Oh, I cannot take these!
Lanschi:Why not? You just said-
Sandman:It's a freebie, I insist!
Lanschi:Wait, what about those children?
Sandman:They, uh, feast on my success. Woah, look at the time! Gotta go.
Panschi:Did he manage to sell you a toothbrush?
Lanschi:No, just a pompashplork.
Panschi:A what?
Panschi:That a spoon? Looks combobular.
Lanschi:Sure does, whatever that means. Off to the drawer with you!
Lanschi:Looking good among its brethren. What a trustworthy monster that was!
Lanschi:Time to leave this decidedly unsuspicious spoon right here and waste no further thought on it.

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