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Mildly interesting drivel from Tammy Spahn:

This one's from November 2014. Old ones will keep coming for as long as I still have a backlog of them, sorry! It's one of my early enemy designs for the Lanschi Land platformer, which originally had a different and utterly awful name up to the point I created this sketch. It may have also looked differently, but I'm not sure; I've been reworking my old designs on the vague memory of what kinds of monsters they originally were rather than retaining my bad childhood scribbles. So here's this bad adulthood scribble instead!

Lumberjocks were kind of weird in my concept of their behaviour. They would disco-dance around the place and periodically split up into smaller copies of themselves, which then came back together. I'm not quite sure how that made any sense in my mind back then, but it apparently did. They shared this behaviour with a different enemy, a groovy ghost with sunglasses. I don't know if I should do anything with this wackiness if I ever formally introduce them into the comic, but right now, there are no plans to do so anyway. I do enjoy the way I drew this one - it looks like a Mega Man baddie.

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