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Bouncy Flora

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Mildly interesting drivel from Tammy Spahn:

One of the earliest monster designs from the original platform game concept that eventually ended up as the comic! It's changed a lot since then, of course - the first drawing was something I made as a child. It's never appeared in the comic so far, which is strange given that it's always felt like one of the more iconic monsters, which I have redrawn and redesigned many time over the years. Even this one is somewhat older already, as will be true for quite a bunch of the early scribbles I'm going to post as the mere concept of posting scribbles on the comic site has been on the backburner since 2014 now.

It's actually a lot smaller than it looks here - just a minor baddie in form of, well, a bouncing flower. This terribly original name is a direct leftover from early concepts and probably not final - I wasn't very good at English at the time, which shows in the original names of various Lanschilandia-related things which you will probably never get to know since I've changed them since. (For a small taste, Alluvia originally went by the exceptionally creative name of "Darkland" - ouch.)

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