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The Sorceress Acquaintance - page 25

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Hayfa:Sah-sah-speaking of tales, did you hear the one about the cow and the house of pancakes?
Hayfa:Once there was this cow, and sha-sha-she really wanted some pah-pah-pancakes with mah-mah-maple syrup and also sah-sah-some...
Nyarlathoth:Enough with the stalling and stuttering!
Nyarlathoth:Your wand is broken, your mentor got squished, and your cake-fu has forsaken you. You are out of options.
Nyarlathoth:It's time to accept your fate, witch apprentice. Surrender your will. Become one with me!
Hayfa:Okay, so things haven't been going that well for me, but there's still one thing you don't realise.
Nyarlathoth:Oh? What's that?
Hayfa:A cow always brings more than one cupcake.

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