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The Sorceress Acquaintance - page 24

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Hayfa:Mah-mah-maybe I should just take a bah-bah-break, you know? Get some milk, stretch my calves.
Hayfa:Bah-bah-be back in a minute!
Nyarlathoth:Foolish thing. I am everywhere!
Hayfa:You're the tha-tha-"thing", I'd say. What are you, anyway??
Nyarlathoth:What I am is not important. What I do, you soon will feel.
Nyarlathoth:When Malvaric the Mad first summoned me to this world, he---
Hayfa:Wait, wait. Malvaric? The one with the fah-fah-funny hat?
Nyarlathoth:Um, maybe?
Hayfa:Ooh, neat! I wore that once.
Nyarlathoth:No, you didn't.
Hayfa:It's true! Hmm... Was it before or after I got an entire tribe to worship me?
Nyarlathoth:Tall tales don't impress me, you know.
Hayfa:What about wide ones?

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