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The Sorceress Acquaintance - page 18

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Batty:Now this is more like it. Look what I found between the pages!
Bad Bat:Gee, Batty, this seems like a bad idea.
Batty:It's bad if I say it's bad. Now, what's this spell?
-egdeh ruoy ni eltsub a s'ereht fi
won demrala eb t'nod ,wor...
Fiend:Free... I am FREE! At last, the seal of Malvaric is broken! Now that I've just regained my full form... ...no one and nothing will be able to stop me!
Fiend:Time to consume this world. All must be assimilated!
Batty:Okay, yeah, so maybe it was a little bit bad. But hey, it's not the end of the world, er, is it...?

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