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The Sorceress Acquaintance - page 17

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Hayfa:I hope this isn't just a sah-sah-snipe hunt they send the new cows on...
Hayfa:The last time I went on a snipe hunt, it tah-tah-took forever to find it.
Bad Bat:Thanks for helping me out, Batty, but... Do we really need to do this in the witch woods?
Batty:Of course we do.
Batty:This is the prime location for wizzes and whatnots, y'know? There's, like, leylines and magicky things.
Bad Bat:Wow, you know so much.
Batty:Well, I don't like to brag, but unlike you, I am kind of an expert on everything.
Batty:Now, let's see what the pointy-hatted one has bestowed upon thee...
Bad Bat:Ooh, magic words!
Batty:A... self-drying paint spell? Making grass grow just a tiny bit faster?! What's all this rubbish?
Bad Bat:Those are good for beginners, right, Batty?
Batty:Nonsense! You don't need beginner stuff, you have me. We can just do the exciting things!
Bad Bat:The rubbish one seemed exciting...

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