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The Sorceress Acquaintance - page 3

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Hayfa:Strange... I thought Rose would enjoy my company. Perhaps she doesn't like me anymore?
Hayfa:Maybe she's right, though. She always talks all that technobabble. Maybe it's just something I won't understand...
Lanschi:Hi, Hayfa!
Hayfa:Lah-lah-lanschi! Rose has been looking for you!
Lanschi:You mean Parsley? I think it'll have to wait. I'm about to pay my old archbuddy Kakralomino a visit!
Lanschi:Y'see, when I got up this morning, my toothbrush wasn't there. He must have stolen it for his own nefarious purposes!
Lanschi:Quackers! How am I going to maintain my bright, healthy smile?
Hayfa:Oh, sounds bad! I'll help!
Lanschi:Sorry, but I'd rather do this myself. This is a serious dental health crisis.
Lanschi:Well, see you!
Hayfa:I'm getting the weirdest fah-fah-feeling of deja vu...

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