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The Sorceress Acquaintance - page 2

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Hayfa:Well, I guess it should suffice for a small dessert... Myum!
Parsley:Morning, Hayfa!
Hayfa:Hah-hah-hi, Rose! I was just eating!
Parsley:Yeah, sorry for interrupting your, er, second breakfast...
Hayfa:It's actually my fourth.
Parsley:I'm looking for Lanschi. You don't happen to know where he is, precisely? I need him to be my, uh, voluntary assistant for a research project.
Hayfa:Nope, can't say I do! But mah-mah-maybe I can help with your research?
Parsley:Um... Thanks for the offer, but it's advanced science. You wouldn't understand it.
Parsley:Well, I'll keep looking. Maybe he fell into the laundry basket again. See you!
Hayfa:Bah-bah... Bye...

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