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The Roach Motel to Happiness - page 40

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Hayfa:Hey, tha-tha-those were our tickets!
Lanschi:I guess we're not getting to the real Happy Fun Land now. Sorry, Panschi.
Panschi:'s fine. Didn't wanna go there in the first place.
Lanschi:But... I thought it would cheer you up! You were being so grouchy.
Panschi:So what? I always am. I like being grouchy. The issue is you never asked me how I'm feelin'.
Parsley:Well, it seems like we all learnt a lesson here.
Lanschi:We sure did! And that's my favourite kind of ending!
Yoyo:Pickle my nickles, Doo-Doo! This ain't Jellostone Lodge!
Doo-Doo:Mr. Ranger's not gonna like this...

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