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The Roach Motel to Happiness - page 39

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Parsley:Panschi! What happened?!
Lanschi:I was riding the magic thermos containers and suddenly everything was gone!
Hayfa:Hey, lah-lah-look! It's those weird servants!
Bird:He's gone!
Jezebel:It's... over?
Adkins:Where am I?
Mouse:Master Ani! Am I glad to see you!
Lanschi:Who were you, again?
Mouse:I apologise for the inconvenience! We were all under the spell of that crazy King Puck! I'm still not sure what happened, but suddenly, he was gone and we found ourselves here!
Parsley:So, what's next for you now?
Mouse:Well, as they say...
Servants:We're going to Happy Fun Land!(TM)

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