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The Roach Motel to Happiness - page 28

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Mouse:Gentlefolk, the numbers are in, and they're not looking good.
Mouse:One of our guests is not happy. In fact, he is so unhappy, he's bringing down the average to just above purgatory level. You know what I'm talking about, Madame Jezebel?
Jezebel:Oh, excusez moi! I'm doing all I can, but there's nothing this guy likes, nothing he wants, and nothing he ever even talks about!
Mouse:Well, then find something! We have a responsibility here, you know?
Mouse:By the way, I caught him sniffing around the castle last night, so we must be vigilant. All of us should make extra sure that the castle doors remain closed at all times.
Bird:Um... About that... I think you may have left them open, Sir.
Mouse:Mayday, Mayday! This is a matter of life, death and the pursuit of happiness!
Mouse:Everyone to the battle stations, according to protocol 3 Alpha Limburger! Go, go, go!

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