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The Roach Motel to Happiness - page 27

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Panschi:Guess I'm on my own again. Better hurry though before Lanschi sees me.
Panschi:Ack, there he comes!
Lanschi:Panschi? Paaaanschi! We still need to go to Mr. Smiley's Crazy Meet'n'Greet!
Panschi:Saved by cartoon logic... What's my life comin' to?
Panschi:Hrrm. Seems they've been harvesting...
Panschi:Guess there's just one way t' go, an' that's inside. Wonder how ta get in.
Panschi:Huh. They left th' door open.
Panschi:Aaand it closes behind me. Yup, feelin' real safe here.

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