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The Roach Motel to Happiness - page 14

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Adkins:Do you need something... Ma'am?
Hayfa:Oh, there you are. Can you bring me another bah-bah-batch of cupcakes, please?
Adkins:You aren't even done with the last three batches!
Hayfa:Yes, But I will be. I like to plan ahead, okay?
Hayfa:Cah-cah-come to think of it, I could also go for some ice-cream. Just a few tubs, I don't want to fill up on it.
Hayfa:And a large pizza with everything, please. No, fah-fah-five pizzas. Hold the onions. No anchovies.
Hayfa:Oh, and can you check if you've got any cookies?
Adkins:How about a wafer-thin mint?

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