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The Roach Motel to Happiness - page 13

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Bird:Yes, Ma'am?
Parsley:Are there any books on advanced mycology? I need to cross-reference something.
Bird:Well, there are a lot of books here, ma'am...
Parsley:Yes, thank you. I wouldn't have noticed. I need a 5-times revised ultimate edition of Leguizamo's Guide to Mushrooms, please. Green cover.
Bird:Here you are, Ma'am.
Parsley:That is a 6-times revised penultimate edition. You as the expert here should know this!
Bird:How about this one? Straight from the Library of Mitochondria.
Parsley:Precisely! But this Obnoxian titan arum here has started wilting. Can you get a special tincture prepared by a shaman of the Swamazon rainforest, please?
Bird:*pant, pant*... Here you go, Ma'am. They were the last shaman still on the job.
Parsley:Has it been taste-tested? We don't want to poison the plant.
Bird:Tastes like 3-day-old arsenic coffee.
Parsley:Good. And while you're here, please rearrange the Boringian language section so it's sorted according to the North-by-North-West Boringian cheese alphabet.

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