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Musings from the Gnome Front - page 23

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And so, a surprisingly short time later...
Lanschi:I can't believe Kakra agreed to build a first-class all-inclusive luxury resort for the gnomes. And he did it all in an hour or so!
Lanschi:Look, it's even got teeny tiny toilets!
Parsley:Yup! Close up and personal with the gnomes made all the difference. His heart must have grown 10 sizes to get rid of them.
Lanschi:At least!
Lanschi:I think I'm gonna miss the gnomes... Seeing their little faces, hearing the funny little noises they make as they take my house apart...
Parsley:You can always visit them here.
Lanschi:Hey, you're right!! I wonder how they'll like me on the vuvuzela!
Lanschi:Hey, here comes one now! Wonder what he's doing.

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