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Musings from the Gnome Front - page 22

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Kakralomino:So, how is work coming along on my left-handed one-fingered glove factory?
Dr. Spid:Very well indeed, Sire.
Dr. Spid:But it would be even faster if we drained the neighbouring swamp full of rare, endangered brunch beetles.
Kakralomino:Well, if they're so rare, who's gonna miss 'em, right?
Dr. Spid:Heh heh heh.
Kakralomino:Ahh, it feels good running a profitable country. Let's mine some more oil and drill for dalmatians.
SFX:knock knock
Kakralomino:What? Who's that, disturbing our important Bilgerberk meeting?
Kakralomino:This better not be another charity do-gooder! The greed of these people disgusts me.

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