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The Great Skittish Cake-Off - page 18

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After miraculously discovering supplies...
Hayfa:One drop of this and we're good to go!
Hayfa:This is the most dah-dah-dangerous dough ever mixed, second only to sourdough.
Hayfa:They say no cow has ever baked this dough and lived to tell the tail.
Hayfa:Can I bah-bah-borrow your compact oven?
Shishlareth:It was a nice addition, but I won't mind the subtraction.
Parsley:Um... What, precisely, are you planning?
Hayfa:Only what anyone would have done...
Hayfa:Get eaten by a cake and blow up an oven.
Shishlareth:Such dedicaketion!
Panschi:Talk about roll reversal.
Hayfa:'Ello, beastie.

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