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The Great Skittish Cake-Off - page 17

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Kakralomino:Hard cheese, losers. My cake monster is invincible!
Kakralomino:Come on, we have a palace to eat! Well, not "we", but you get the idea.
Panschi:Can't Hayfa just eat the cake? That's what she normally does.
Parsley:I think she might explode...
Hayfa:E-e-explode? That's a great idea!
Panschi:Ehh, suit yourself.
Hayfa:Not me! I have a plan, but I'll need a few things...
Hayfa:Oh no, I forgot! The cah-cah-cake destroyed all we had!
Hayfa:Where am I going to borrow baking supplies in a place like this?!

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