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The Root of Evil - page 30

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Plunt:Hope you're perennial, because your blooming period is over!
Parsley:At least I had one, you stinkhorn!
Lanschi:Hooold it! I think you need a plant health cure!
Plunt:A what now?
Lanschi:Oh, I see you haven't heard about my special botany programme.
Lanschi:Five simple steps will take your florescence to new heights! Y'see, all plants need soil to grow!
Plunt:Ow! Hey, what are you doing?
Lanschi:And water! I use soda for this part.
Plunt:At least use diet soda, you spoon!
Lanschi:And light! Lots of it!
Plunt:Not into my eyes, you twerp!
Lanschi:And talking to! When was the last time you've felt really uncomfortable in public?
Plunt:Right now, you Freud wannabe!
Lanschi:And the final, most important step...
Lanschi:...a little touch of the green thumb.

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