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The Root of Evil - page 29

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Parsley:Why don't you go away, Plunt? Your factory's been destroyed!
Plunt:Oh, yes, but...
Plunt:...you haven't been. Plant-traitor!
Lanschi:Hey, what's the big idea?!
Plunt:Don't worry, mallard. You will be next!
Parsley:Do something, Lanschi! His grip is too tight!
Lanschi:Quackers! It's like that film, "Ping Pong". If only I knew what to do...
Lanschi:Plunt is right, though. I'm no good with plants! If only I...
Lanschi:Wait, that's it!
Lanschi:If I really am no good... ...then maybe it's time to show how bad I am.
Music:You know I'm bad, I'm bad
Really, really bad

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