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Holiday, Get Away! - page 24

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One desquishing later...
Panschi:So your evil archenemy was in fact still evil?
Lanschi:I was just as surprised!
Lanschi:But then I went HOO! and HA! and HIYA! and then I tossed him straight back to Alluvia with my tentacles.
Hayfa:I dah-dah-didn't know you had tentacles. It's a good thing you remembered!
Lanschi:I do feel sorry for him, though. All he wanted was care for his health. What if he's really sick now?
Parsley:Oh, I wouldn't worry too much...
Parsley:I'm sure he has excellent medical care at home.
Doctor:R-remember to limit your stress. Stress leads to complications, and complications lead to additional fees.
Kakralomino:Ghrf! Grghhfrghf!!

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