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Holiday, Get Away! - page 23

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Kakralomino:Ow! No! Stop! What are you doing? That's my favourite kidney!
Kakralomino:Is this about the squid in the restaurant? Listen, I can explain!
Kakralomino:That's not the return flight I booked!!
Lanschi:That Sheller's quite some feller! We should go and thank her!
Parsley:That may be a bad idea...
Lanschi:Nonsense! She's on our side! Hey there, Shelley, how's it going? That was spectacular!
Sheller:Yeah, no thanks to you. You hero types attract nothing but trouble and then you don't fix it yourself.
Sheller:And don't call me Shelley.
Lanschi:Maybe I'm being too one-dimensional.

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