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Holiday, Get Away! - page 19

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Lanschi:Or maybe we could-
Kakralomino:Hey! Stop ignoring me already!
Lanschi:Sorry, you said never to bother you again. What else am I to do when you get all up in my face like that?
Kakralomino:Well, okay... That's fair.
Kakralomino:BUT YOU ARE BOTHERING ME! Your cheerfulness! Your niceness! This entire resort is bothering me!
Kakralomino:Oh, how nice of you to stop by, Doc...
Doctor:Your stress, Lord Kagnas! I don't think-
Kakralomino:That's the problem, you don't! You're a bigger quack than the duck, you money-grubbing malpractitioner!
Kakralomino:That's weird... I feel the stress fading. Maybe this is what I needed all along?
Kakralomino:Yes, why not, hahaha! Arise, my sandmen! We're taking over this place!

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