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Holiday, Get Away! - page 18

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Lanschi:Gee, that was fun! I wonder what fun activity we'll do next?
Kakralomino:Look at them go. Just going about their day, while I am miserable! Have you no shame, duck?!
Kakralomino:Alright, alright, hold up now!
Lanschi:Maybe we should go see a movie!
Lanschi:There's this new one about a kid who is secretly a ham sandwich with extra pickles.
Kakralomino:Stop! Stop! I only want to talk, okay?
Lanschi:Or we could try limbo! Capoeira mata um!
Kakralomino:Come on, duck, this isn't funny. I haven't got all day, you know?
Lanschi:Maybe we should just keep going and see what's afoot.

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