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Holiday, Get Away! - page 12

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Kakralomino:All this tohu-bohu is wearing me down. I'm nothing but skin and bones already! I should grab a bite to eat.
Doctor:Food is important to provide your body with the nutrients you need throughout the day.
Kakralomino:Thanks, doc. I know what food does.
Sign:The Nautical Noun
Kakralomino:This seafood place looks good. Let's hope there's no poultry here.
Kakralomino:Hm... Scalloped scallops with tartan sauce? Hope they're not too stingy with it.
Waiter:Here you are, Sir. Squid Surprise, served with a side of fresh-
Kakralomino:What? I haven't even ordered yet!
Waiter:It is a gift from the gentleman back there.

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