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Holiday, Get Away! - page 11

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Lanschi:I just don't get it.
Lanschi:I ruin his schemes and he doesn't like that, I do nice things and he doesn't like that either. It doesn't seem fair!
Parsley:Maybe it's a good idea to just leave him be...
Lanschi:All alone?
Lanschi:Do you know what loneliness does? It affects the mind! It sends you to an endless void where there's only darkness, and everything is grey and dark, and then you become all empty inside and such.
Hayfa:Speaking of empty inside, I'm sah-sah-starving right now.
Parsley:Yes... I could go for some food myself.
Parsley:I know a good seafood place, let's grab a bite to eat.
Hayfa:Ooh, yummy!
Lanschi:And then everything turns even greyer, and then... Are you guys still there?

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