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Aimless in Wonder-Where - page 13

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Queen of Hearts:Accused! What do you have to say to your defence?
Phoebe:En guarde!
Queen of Hearts:Come on, I said defence, not fence. Also you'll poke your eye out.
Queen of Hearts:According to the witnesses, you have crashed the hat guy's tea party and you might also owe him 5 bucks.
Phoebe:Well, your honourific, you could say so. But you could also not say so. This is due to complexated reasons that will require an impromptu dance performance later on.
Narrator:6 Hours Later...
Phoebe:Do we have proof that I exist? Do we have proof that you exist?
Phoebe:So, as Schrödinger would say, "I really dislike tuna sandwiches"...
Phoebe:De-de-dee dah dee de-doh doh...
Phoebe:And therefore, in my educaminated opinion, it is inaccurate to say I was present, because while I am present, I was past. Any questions?
Queen of Hearts:Brlbl, brlb

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