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Aimless in Wonder-Where - page 12

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Cheshire Cat:Hey pal, ya ever need a ride, just whistle for tha cat, y'hear?
Pudding:I hope I'm not too late! That dumb bird could be in big trouble.
Receptionist:Name Gender Occupation Your business here?
Pudding:How should I know? Just let me in!
Mad Hatter:...and this is what remains of that little teapot, short as it was stout. Here be its handle! Here be its spout.
Pudding:My Queen! I bring new evidence relevant to the trial of the accused!
Dodo:Can't you people ever open a door normally?
Pudding:I did it, Your Majesty! I ate the tarts. All the however many there were. The girl is innocent. Innocent!
Queen of Hearts:Fine and dandy, but this is no longer about tarts.
Queen of Hearts:THIS IS ABOUT TEA!

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