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Aimless in Wonder-Where - page 9

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Pudding:Okay, let's stay calm here. They're taking her to the Queen... And I can't keep up with their pace. Which means...
Pudding:SHE'S DONE FOR! She was so young! I think.
???:Hey, pal!
Cheshire Cat:Ya need a ride? Hehe. Din't see dis comin', huh?
Cheshire Cat:'Cuz... Ya can't see dis comin'. Groovy, huh?
Cheshire Cat:Get in, pal! Let da Cheshire Cab work 'er magics.
Cheshire Cat:Grab on t' ya seat, dere's maaad traffic down in up-side downtown.
Cheshire Cat:An' y'know what? I'm so over it.
Pudding:Really? You seemed so down-to-earth.

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