Tails of Lanschilandia
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Aimless in Wonder-Where - page 8

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Phoebe:Goodness! I may be neglectifying my royal-ish duties!
Pudding:What? What are you talking about?
Pudding:No, come back!
Phoebe:I must go and greet them somewhat formally!
Phoebe:Fellow citizens of the world, I represent the Lanschilandias!
Note: Phoebe represents all the Lanschilandias. Fortunately, there is only one.
Phoebe:Ours is a nation of cheese and propensity, and in the name of His Kingliness, the Majesty, it is my duty to bring cheese to the world.
Phoebe:As a token of friendship, observe this complementary wedge of Emmental.
Phoebe:No, wait! In the name of Lanschiness, er, the Kingesty, the Maestro... um, I want to speak to the manager!

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