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Aimless in Wonder-Where - page 5

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Phoebe:Yum, grapes!
???:You draw far too much attention to yourself, Miss Hummingdale.
Phoebe:You know my name?
???:Yes, I-
Phoebe:But we haven't formally introducted yet! Not to mention shaking of the hands, and ice-breakers!
Pudding:Ice-breakers? Ice-breakers?! Here's an ice-breaker for you: I am the SPIRIT of the PUDDING! Your negligience has brought me into being and trapped me down here.
Pudding:I Implore you, you must leave this place! There's nothing here but madness! Go! Flee! Escape! Whatever it is you do! But do it now!
Phoebe:I'm Phoebe.

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