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Aimless in Wonder-Where - page 4

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Phoebe:I better start scrubbing. Should only take a minute. I'll begin with that spot over there...
Phoebe:My gob, it's full of stars!
Mad Hatter:May I offer you some more tea, my good fellow?
March Hare:Anytime, my most cherished companion.
Mad Hatter:'Tis a good thing we two have adapted to subsist on this blessed hot brew of camellia sinensis.
March Hare:'Tis indeed, my friend.
Mad Hatter:And praise be to mine exquisite pocket watch, the brokenness of which does stop the flow of time, thereby to prolong our endulgence indefinitely.
March Hare:Praise be!
Mad Hatter:Aye, I say! Naught shall spoil this joyous day.
March Hare:Well spoke, old chap.

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