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Any Witch Way - page 28

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Lanschi:Gasp! It's my evil archenemy, Kakralo-something!
Kakralomino:The pleasure is all mine, What's-ya-face.
Parsley:How did you get here before us?
Kakralomino:Trade secrets, my dear potherb. You might say... a wizard did it.
Kakralomino:But enough talk! I'm here to claim my reward. Hand it over, witchy-poo!
Kakralomino:Hahaha, at last! With this powerful artifact, I will... Hey! This crown is made of paper!
Head witch:Of course, what did you expect? It's the champion crown for our annual fundraiser.
Kakralomino:Are you telling me I paid an entry fee to win a silly party hat?
Bad Bat:But Master, you didn't actually pay the fee, remember?
Bad Bat:In fact, you took the donations jar when no one was looking.

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