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Any Witch Way - page 27

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Lacy:Let's see... Piccadilly, Collywobbles, Antidisestablishmentarianism... No, too common...
Lacy:You don't happen to have one of your dictionaries with you?
Parsley:Only a pocket edition...
Lacy:I guess there's only one thing to do... BLOW UP THE WALL! In a natural, organic fashion, of course.
Head witch:Or you can just come in, you know. I forgot to lock it.
Lanschi:Yep, yep, another race won, thanks to Lanschi and his companions.
Parsley:I think it's more precise to say that Lacy won this race.
Lacy:But not without you, Parsley! It was the two of us together that won.
Lanschi:Yeah! Hey, wait, that's not right!
Head witch:Y'know, I'd be happy for you and I hate to be that person, but...
Head witch:...we already have our winner.

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