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Doppelgander - page 9

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Dr. Spid:How nice of you to drop in, Lanschi. Do you like my little creation?
Lanschi:GASP! It's my nefarious archenemy's nefarious chief scientist...
Lanschi:Doctor Seuss!!
Dr. Spid:Spid. It's Dr. Spid. S-P-I-D. Y'know, the first four letters in "spider"? It's not that hard.
Dr. Spid:But nevermind that. With you here and your reputation in shambles... ...I can set my master plan in motion!
Dr. Spid:One by one, my robot doubles will transform Lanschilandia into a puppet state. And behind the scenes... ...I'll be the one pulilng the sillk strings! Ha, ha, ha!
Dr. Spid:Get it? Silk strings. Spider. Are you listening, duck?
Dr. Spid:What are YOU doing here, you bird-brained bucket of bolts?! Get the real one back!
Robo-Lanschi:I am Lanschi Ani!

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