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Doppelgander - page 8

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Lanschi:Alright! Next destination: the evil wizard's evil realm of evilness.
Lanschi:Maybe I can stop for tea and ask him if he's seen an evil clone somewhere around-
Lanschi?:I am Lanschi Ani!
Lanschi:Now that's what I call self-discovery. I sure wonder where I'm going, though.
Lanschi?:I am Lanschi Ani!
Lanschi:He's walking straight into that suspiciously shady lair. Such bravery! I better follow him.
Lanschi:If all goes well, perhaps I can team up with mys- - ELF!
Dr. Spid:"Elf"? That didn't even make sense for you to yell.
Lanschi:But they're dancin' all around me now.

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