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Doppelgander - page 6

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Horrors! It looks like more trouble is at hand! The real Lanschi should better get going, eh?
Lanschi:Don't rush me! I'm trying to find an impostor. The bathroom mirror was a false alarm.
Paperboy:Extra! Extra! Lanschi Ani kidnaps the King! Read all about it!
Lanschi:Alright, that sounds a tad suspicious...
Lanschi:*Ahem* Exkoose me, vhen did zis happen?
Paperboy:Just now, Sir.
Lanschi:Und it iz alretty printed?
Paperboy:It's a newspaper, Sir. If it were old, it wouldn't be news anymore
Lanschi:Um... Vhateffer. I vill tehk vun, mein guter.
Lanschi:Quackers! He does look like me! He even has the same name. Who'da thunk it possible?
Lanschi:But no matter! You may steal my name and you may steal my style... ...but there's one thing you can't take from me!
Lanschi:My... coupon for Joe's Burger 'n' Fros? I think I left my Hero badge on the kitchen table.

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