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Doppelgander - page 5

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Elsewhere, in a suspiciously shady lair...
Dr. Spid:Why is it so dark in here anyway?
Dr. Spid:Ahh, much better.
Dr. Spid:I see you have returned.
Lanschi?:I am Lanschi Ani!
Dr. Spid:Of course you are.
SFX:pat, pat
King Lanschi:This is high treason! We won't stand for this!
Dr. Spid:You're in luck, old man. No one's asking you to stand. Lanschi, do the pit thing. You know the one.
King Lanschi:P-p-p-pit thing?!
Lanschi?:I am Lanschi Ani!
King Lanschi:AAAAUUUGHH!!
King Lanschi:It's not very big, is it?
Dr. Spid:Budget cuts.

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