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Statues of Lamentation - page 24

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Mr. Fluffbutt:Glrk...
Ponce DeLoon:That's the third time this week now! This is a spring of life, not the... the opposite!
Parsley:We are deeply sorry, Seņor de Loon.
Ponce DeLoon:Hm? Oh, eh, I guess.
Ponce DeLoon:I will overlook it, as it seems you have dire need of the water. But from now on, please be more respectful.
Ponce DeLoon:This spring was ancient when I discovered it! For probably millions of years, it has been renewing the nature of these very bla bla bla bla bla...
Batty:Yeah, alright, we'll read the book later.
Batty:Now hand over my new rejuve nation cure.
Ponce DeLoon:Your what?!
Ponce DeLoon:What do you think this is, a beauty salon?! I said don't waste it!
Bad Bat:He's right, Batty!
Bad Bat:We need it to revive the evil wizard.
Ponce DeLoon:THE WHAT?!

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