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Statues of Lamentation - page 23

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One explanation later...
Ponce DeLoon:Hmm, yes... Without offending anyone made of stone, I can see how that is a problem. You shall have what you came searching for.
Ponce DeLoon:One flask from the spring should be enough. This water can bring eternal life, youth and beauty to those who drink it, but...
Batty:Say no more!
Ponce DeLoon:I was about to say "don't waste it".
Batty:Are you implying I would? Tush! As if I could handle any more beauty.
Batty:And besides, I should have it. If it weren't for me, we would have never gotten here in the first place.
Parsley:What?! You had no idea where you were going!
Bad Bat:She's right, Batty! *snicker* If you've seen further, it was...
Bad Bat:...by standing on the shoulders of giants.
Mr. Fluffbutt:AARGH!!
Bad Bat:It definitely wasn't that bad!

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